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Don’t worry about those tiny stupid mistakes, but do acknowledge them and keep them in the back of your head.

Apparently some people like to worry themselves with all the tiny, largely irrelevant mistakes they make. For example, I was working on a possibly fun Processing animation just now (my hands hate me), when I ran into a problem. Things weren’t showing up correctly. What the hell? Five minutes later and I find out I got my divisions backwards. Just a silly little mistake I made during hasty typing, but a mistake nonetheless.

But that’s okay. Mistakes are part of the learning process. Even if it’s something you could’ve easily avoided, it’s still good to get it kicked in your face like this every now and again. “Hey, remember this thing? Don’t forget it.” You can sulk over it or reflect on the error for days on end, but that won’t be getting you anywhere. Focus on quickly acknowledging it, make a mental note of it, and then move on.

Still, I fucked up my divisions. Dots per row is not width / spacing, but spacing / width. How stupid of me.
~ Fang


  • 10/11/2014 (5:23 AM)

    Really all worrying about the little mistakes does is delay doing the job properly. Yet I keep doing it. Blast.

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