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More, faster, broader. Develop your skills, it is never too early or too late.

Recently read a short article on a guy whose parents discourages him from getting into programming at a young age, because he “shouldn’t worry about developing [his] skills yet”. Now, twenty-something years later, he regrets listening to that “advice”. So that’s how I ended up here, telling you the exact opposite. Learn, develop, do things with your time. Apply yourself!

Y’all know I’m in a tough spot right now, not being able to program to my heart’s content. Doesn’t mean I’m sitting on my bum being a whiny little bitch. Well, not all the time at least. I jot down any and all ideas I get, maybe toy with them a bit, do a small amount of design for them. And I read. A lot. Articles this, Stack Exchange that, community such, everything. I come across unfamiliar terms, look them up, and learn some more. And it feels good, I’m still being active, I’m not letting (all) my time go to waste.

Whatever field you’re in, there’s always opportunities to broaden your internal knowledge. Discover, learn, practice. Go forth.
~ Fang


  • 24/11/2014 (2:28 PM)

    Well I do feel that younger people should enjoy their youth more. If they have fun expanding their skills though I’d encourage that. They’d still be enjoying their youth and learning something at the same time. Good for you on keeping up with practising and learning skills even when you find yourself too busy. It’s something I have difficulty with.

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