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I only recently found out it’s not pronounced “hyper-bowl”.

Everything these days is always “awesome”, “epic”, “literally something”. Nothing’s average. It’s either sucky as the space-grade vacuum-cleaner, or so good you can’t even. Though the internet and its need for flashy ads and attention-grabbing headlines for the attention-span inclined has definitely contributed a lot to this, it started off way back in the day when suddenly everything was “radical” and “totes wicked”.

Where does this need for exaggeration come from? If it’s to put some power into your point, then that’s going to backfire sooner or later. Hell, when someone goes “it is literally the best thing ever” then I instantly stop taking them seriously and heavily consider why I’m even bothering to listen. I’d say I want a neutral opinion, but that’s just poor wording. Instead, I’d like a more low-key description of why whatever fad they’re excited about is the cool thing to know about these days.

PBS Idea Channel recently had a video about this actually, which partly inspired this post. It makes a lot of valid points which I can’t be bothered to type out, so go watch that. It’s insanely good.

Can’t wait for this to slowly fall back down, so we eventually end up with 80’s slang again.
~ Fang


  • 11/11/2014 (5:02 AM)

    Yo getting back to 80s slang would be pretty dope fly, you feel me? Seriously though it’s a great point. .The more everything is “awesome” then the less that word actually means. Epic used to mean something grand in scale and was mostly a reference to epic poems. Now pretty much anything that isn’t complete shit is epic. The word has lost all meaning.

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