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Alternatively titled, “The Hunk Factor”.

I’m sure directors believe this to be the case, but I wonder how well their expectations translate into the real world. Either way, let’s talk Hunk Factor. We all know those shows, movies, whatever, that are just filled to the brim with sexy people. Attractive men and/or women who, despite being main characters, have the top priority of providing eye candy. This often (but not always) comes paired with copious amounts of “fan service” and other elements inherent to plain bad writing.

The idea is that a higher Hunk Factor draws larger audiences. Whether this is true, I’m not sure, but I do know there’s people who watch a movie of series simply because of the actors that play in it. And it disappoints me. “But s/he’s so hot!” Yeah, so what? Doesn’t make the movie more enjoyable. If I wanted eye candy a simple web search would’ve provided plenty. I don’t pay $50 to watch someone utter some poorly written lines of script, then spend the second half of the sentence making pretty faces or flexing their muscles.

Why do people adore actors for their looks anyway? Outside of the context of a role, it means nothing. And even then it’s only of small significance.
~ Fang


  • 17/11/2014 (12:25 AM)

    Slightly on topic and slightly not, this is why I can’t stand videos on the Internet like “hot girl twerks in her living room, part fifteen!” She gets millions of views and thousands of positive comments about how hot she is and how cool this is, when all she is is a pretty girl in her underwear shaking her ass. When did this become talent? Why do people want to watch this so damn much?

    I mean, the people watching this kinda stuff do know there’s something on the Internet called porn, right?

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