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Faster than neutrinos!

I mean god damn it ain’t even December yet.

Apparently our city streets are already starting to fill up with all kinds of christmas decorations. The shops are stocking ’em and my sister just blew a fuse hooking up a bunch of fancy lights. I’ve heard my fair share of christmas songs this past week and honestly, it amazes me. Sure, sure, christmas spirit, fun times for all, everything’s nice and cozy. But what the heck? I still have five weeks to go before christmas break. Five weeks, that’s more than a month. And yet we’re getting all the expensive useless junk shoveled into our faces by the butt-load already.

Over here in the Netherlands there’s also some national holiday that has to happen before we should even begin to think about christmas parties, but no, apparently we’re just mixing the two now because their combined marketing value makes for good profits? I don’t even know, it’s just stupid.

It doesn’t really surprise me there’s actually radio stations dedicated to playing christmas music all year ’round. And not just one or two stations, no. Damn near every single genre has its own christmas music station. Christmas metal? Sure! Christmas dubstep? Got you covered. It’s insane.

Starting to wish it was over already.
~ Fang


  • 10/11/2014 (4:24 PM)

    I kinda want to hear Christmas dubstep… and I kinda don’t.

    You know, around here they actually started putting up Christmas stuff in mid October. Yes, even before Halloween.

    Next year I look forward to putting up my Christmas stuff in July.

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