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Stupid boy!

Earlier today a friend asked a rather odd question.

She has the opportunity to go to new Mexico for a documentary project of hers, to interview a guy and shoot some footage and whatnot. She’ll have to pay travel expenses herself, and her school hasn’t given her the a-ok for being absent during that period, but the opportunity is still there. And then she asks us for advice on whether to go or not?

I’ll be honest here, I’m fucking jealous of all the travel and work experience she’s been getting. It sounds really great, and I’ve always wanted to see more of the world. Just never had strong enough funding to do so (because hey, the country next door may be cheap, but it’s not exactly the most interesting to shoot for, right?) or any useful connections or whatever.

If things like that ever cross your path, just go for it. Maybe something similar will present itself soon, maybe not. You don’t know. Rather do it and say “meh, it was so-so” than not do it and constantly have the “it might have been cool” gnawing at you.

Oh and don’t forget to consider yourself lucky?
~ Fang

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