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The future dream

And how it evolves with the present.

Know how we humans always enjoy thinking up possible scenarios for the future? Sci-fi movies, post-apocalyptic settings, hover car concepts, The Jetsons. We make up all these cool images of what a hundred, five-hundred, or even a thousand years in the future will be like. And sometimes, we strive for that. And then, some many years down the line, we look back and laugh at how naive we all were.

I mean, let’s take The Jetsons as an example here. Low-orbit-high cities with levitating transportation and a plethora of helpful robots and whimsical inventions. It started airing in 1962. Back then, its setting was “a hundred years in the future”. That’s the year 2062. If they were right, we’ll have fully functional levi-craft in less than fifty years from now! What’s more, your neighbors might be aliens and your house will be kept clean by a robot dressed in a 60’s-esque maid uniform.

As inaccurate as it often is though, I think this kind of day-dreaming is very healthy for technological advancement. It gives us something to shoot for, however far off it may be. Yes, any scientist will be happy to shoot for something much more specific and achievable, but the people need something much less subtle.

I feel it’s all creeping up on us though. We can make see-through mice, control computers with our brains, and have successfully put a complete research lab on a comet. What’s next?
~ Fang


  • 27/11/2014 (1:38 PM)

    I think dreaming about the future is a pretty good thing. It lets people dream and imagine what we’ll build next. Of all the series out there set in the future I think Star Trek will end up being the most accurate. A lot of the things in Star Trek (minus the warp drive and huge space ships of course) have become real. I believe there are already 3D food printers.

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