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Over a month in the making!

It only occurred to me today that I’m actually making that which I always thought to be not in my field of interest.

At my internship (Is that grammatically correct? Internships are hard to talk about.) I’m currently doing a little side project (more on that later, maybe?) that also involves working on a tool that makes the lives of people in another department easier. A tool they solely use in-house, meaning customers aren’t dependent on it, meaning there will very rarely be spent any resources on it. Luckily for them, I’m dirt cheap. (The intern pay isn’t bad at all, but it wouldn’t pay the bills if it needed to!) Besides, since they can’t exactly set the intern loose on the huge, complicated codebase for software customers end up interacting with, they can put me on those internal tools. And I’m not complaining!

I realized today though, that I’m actually working on enterprise software. It’s software purpose-built for a business instead of an audience of individual users. I need to keep in mind both the business and user needs of the people who will be working with the tools, and what they need from them.

You may recall me resenting the idea of ever working on enterprise software. Boring applications for internal book-keeping for an accounting firm? No thank ya’ ma’am, ain’t my cup o’ tea. But huge company-wide infrastructures isn’t all what enterprise software is? There’s more to it than just the thing that doesn’t interest me much. Or, didn’t interest me much.

I must admit, the whole “understanding business needs and tailoring your software to it” thing sounds kind of cool. And currently, it is! Suspect that’s because it’s all still so new and small-scale though. There hasn’t been a need for me to do weeks of preparing research yet and everything is still manageable for the one-man development-army I form. And a large chunk of the coolness comes from how new it all is to me, how many great experiences I’m cultivating, and how I spend my time programming instead of answering phone calls from other departments, learning about bugs faster than I can fix them.

Whether enterprise is the field for me I cannot say. I still doubt it, but at least it’s not a rock solid “hell no” anymore.
~ Fang

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