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12 11 14

Digging deep

So yesterday I tried rooting my phone again.

‘Cause that’s what you do when you’re a hack-happy hunk. You try to get to the bottom of things, open it all up and bend it to your very whim. Suddenly though, I seemed to be unable to power my phone back on. Black screen. Nothing. …Turns out I wasn’t holding the power button for long enough, what a doofus I was.

Now that I got all that done and working though, I once again have access to the innermost parts of my phone. Software-wise at least, I ain’t much of a technician and don’t want to void my warranty just yet. I’m trying to tweak a specific thing (specifically, having NFC enabled without having to unlock the phone first). There doesn’t seem to be anything out there for my phone yet, so I’m trying to find the needed thing myself.

As it turns out, a flag named “SCREEN_OFF_POWER_STATE”, and according to this file it’s set to “full-power state”, different from the default “power-off-sleep state” value. Then why, I wonder, is it not following that configuration? Absolutely no idea. A bit of Googling already turned up some interesting things though, and there’s a few other seemingly useful settings in there, so if I can get these to take effect, much fun can be had!

I need to stop being so enthusiastic about this though, it’s hurting my health.
~ Fang

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