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My internship’s supposed to last a hundred days of work and has to be done by the end of January. Cool, cool, I can make that work, easily. Or so I thought. I just ran the math and as it turns out, with the help of the mandatory two-week break surrounding Christmas and New Year’s (not complaining), the last day of my internship will be the second to last day of January. There go my plans to take it easy for a little while… or do they?

I’ll have to savor those two weeks, not lay a finger on any sort of digital device in the hopes that it will allow enough recovery time for me to get those last four weeks in without major fatigue. School starts again first thing in Februari, so the only break I’ll get is that tiny weekend bridging those first two months of the year. School’s never been super intense though, but I wonder if it’ll keep with that theme.

Those five months ’til summer will be spent following a specialization course. I believe we have the choice between Game Technologies, Mobile Development and Advanced Software Engineering. Mobile dev’s out the window already, since I plan on getting busy with that myself one of these days. Game Technologies has obviously caught my attention, but I wonder how much it offers to those who already have experience with game development. Even then, I may want more than just a couple fancy gadgets to fidget with and a shitty “gamification” project to make. Advanced software dev sounds neat, though a friend of a friend said it was just HTML course #2. Lame.

We’ll see how it all turns out.
~ Fang

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