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Because those are important too!

Sure, you don’t need a bunch of fancy whiz-biz or complicated trickery to make things look good. You definitely shouldn’t overdo it either. But putting in a small bit of extra effort into a design aside from just making it look plain good can go a long way to boost the “this looks so sexy” score even higher.

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…for a rowdy bunch I call friends.

A large chunk of my friends live in a nearby city (or is it a town? Who knows) which isn’t all that far away, but it’s still a thirty-something minute bike trip. If you’re going fast, that is. And with how cold it is outside these days, it’s not exactly the most pleasant ride. Don’t have my drivers license yet, nor a car I could use anyway, so that’s not an option.

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We had this “come back to school to make some shitty choices” day today.

Basically we got a school-paid trip back to it to talk about our internships and have them help us make the choice between the “specializations” available to us for the second half of this school year. It was, okay. They had a couple speakers show up, preach to us about how money shouldn’t be the thriving factor behind your work, and how you should deal with starting your own company.

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Just going to plug a cool artist I discovered recently real quick.

I never really used to be into electronic music. My first few self-discovered songs (six, seven years ago now I’d guess) were in the electronic pop area, but I moved on from that quickly. Been coming back to it recently though, easing back into electronic music through tunes that also incorporate elements of other genres I like, like electro-swing or trip.

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Earlier today a friend asked a rather odd question.

She has the opportunity to go to new Mexico for a documentary project of hers, to interview a guy and shoot some footage and whatnot. She’ll have to pay travel expenses herself, and her school hasn’t given her the a-ok for being absent during that period, but the opportunity is still there. And then she asks us for advice on whether to go or not?

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