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It can happen to you.

Most of you’ll know I don’t do anything particularly dangerous for my job. Hell, I do it in my free time for fun, and I’m still alive, so nothing awfully bad can happen right? You’ve never been this wrong.
Even for someone whose job is sitting at desk and typing on a keyboard all day, there’s definitely risk involved. I shouldn’t need to tell you what RSI, repetitive strain injury is? It’s kind of a big deal for someone who sits at his desk all day, because that involved a lot of the same motions over and over again.

I always used to think “yeah, right” whenever my parents told me to walk straight, sit upright and maintain a decent posture. Whenever they told you, you never felt like it was messing your body up, right? Well, now I’m glad they did tell me that continuously. I may not have paid enough attention to it, but at least I learned to recognize the symptoms and what to do about them.

At work I’ve started to get an uncomfortable wrist. I also talked to my supervisor about it and he gave me some tips and recommended a piece of software that helped him keep his body from suffering too much. For some reason these things are only surfacing now that I sit and type for an actual job instead of just hobby stuff, but maybe those twice-an-hour snack runs I make at home contributed to my health, what with frequent breaks being super important and all.

To all desk sitters reading: care for your body! To everyone else: ditto!
~ Fang

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