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Let it give you a couple of pushes, but don’t make your engine run on it.

Praise is great. It feels good to have your accomplishments acknowledged, especially so in a positive light. It helps you solidify the idea that yes, you are capable of doing some pretty neat things. That can be turned into self-confidence, motivation, all kinds of cool tools to help you continue on your (apparently good) way. But you shouldn’t take it too far. Receiving praise shouldn’t be the primary motivation behind your actions.

If you let it, you’re getting dangerously close near “living to please” territory. While aiming to satisfy some needs of others is fine, you shouldn’t expect to be able to fulfill every single expectation, nor should you forget about yourself. You need breaks, you need to fumble, you need to make mistakes so you can learn from them. If you’re running solely on positive acknowledgement, then it only takes a single wrong move, one period without that thriving force, and you’re out of the running.

That’s very poorly written and it all isn’t as simple as I just may have made it sound, but my point still stands. Try to look for other sources of motivation, like fulfillment. Make sure you’re content doing what you do simply for the sake of doing it. Enjoy it!

This went nowhere real fast.
~ Fang


  • 11/10/2014 (2:28 AM)

    I get your point. The problem is that the title was really much all you needed. Praise is important but if you really thrive on it you have a lot of trouble dealing with criticism. I should know, as that’s my biggest problem.

    • 11/10/2014 (11:07 AM)

      Yeah but I can’t really have a post with just a title now can I? Wouldn’t allow myself to get away with that.

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