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Take breaks yo!

I am not kidding!

Whatever you are doing, it is important that you know, take regular breaks. I’m typing this post with a bit of a nasty feeling in my right hand, the one I control the mouse with, because I played one too many games of League today, and it’s hard to relax your hand when you’re doing precise aiming and rapid input and all that.

But this advice doesn’t just go for computer stuff, no. If you’re ever doing anything repetitive, take breaks. Frequently. A small, ten-second break every five minutes, and try to take five minutes off at least once an hour. During that time, relax your muscles, flail them about a bit, loosen that shit up and do something else with ’em.

RSI is no joke, and I need to be way more careful about it. I can’t mouse for shit with my left hand. I tried it once, didn’t catch on after even a full day of use, so it’d be an absolute killer for productivity. Can’t have my right hand out of business yo.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about getting a new, better desk one of these days. Maybe I should add a better chair to that, and a more ergonomic mouse as well. Then, maybe a laptop stand and a decent keyboard to shove under it, and might as well get myself an actually decent second monitor while I’m at it.

There go all my funds, just to mitigate some risks of the trade. Fuck.
~ Fang

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