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Surely you all are familiar with the Stack Exchange network by now?

Granted, most of you aren’t programmers, so the chances of you knowing about SE suddenly drop way lower. Here’s the quick and dirty: Stack Exchange encompasses a bunch of Q&A sites, collectively referred to as “the Stack Exchange network”. They’re super useful. By far the largest is Stack Overflow, a SE website dedicated to programming-related questions. A question on there is usually one of the first things that pops up when you type in your (not super duper complicated) programming problem into your search engine of choice. It’s the first thing of SE I ever saw. Turns out there was way more than met the eye!

If you take a look at the page showing all the SE sites, well, you’ll see a lot of ’em. There’s a SE for mathematics, gaming, physics, BitCoin, sci-fi. But also less “geeky” topics, like parenting, cooking, home brewing, politics, and a fair few religions have their own SE sites by now!

The latest addition is Worldbuilding. It’s been in public beta for a month now, and it’s doing mighty fine. A lot of cool questions getting asked, with a lot of even cooler answers being given. It’s a great source for inspiration, too. Can’t wait to see the community there grow and thrive, as a lot of other SE sites are already doing!

Of course all those are founded on the same mechanism of “reputation”, ensuring quality content all around, but that’s not as cool as the sheer scale of the network.
~ Fang

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