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Remember that “similar to” post I wrote a couple days back? Remember how good it was?

It was so good, in fact, that it sparked a little chain of music recommendations between the guys (guy? I never know who’s commenting, one, the other, or both) from A Beer for the Shower and me. I say “little chain”, but those are quite lengthy the comments! And you know what? I think that’s really cool.

I find it amazing how people can be really passionate about the things they like, even if it has no direct relation to them. Like an artist or a band. And then those people go on and share it with others, “hey, this thing exists!” and likeminded folks will pick it up and become similarly passionate about it. If a thing is good enough and appeals to a broad enough range of people, then this will keep on happening until it has saturated its available market.

That’s how small bands grow to have a huge fanbase. All from the humble beginnings of a select few but enthusiastic fans that care enough to share it with the people they want it to positively affect.

Word of mouth is truly a wonderful thing.
~ Fang

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