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Short little post to give y’all a heads up.

A while back (over a year ago, snap!) I talked about Risk of Rain, and absolutely fantastic rogue-like platformer with whatever other genres you want to tack on strewn in. A week or so ago, they released version 1.2.0, which is apparently super buggy. Today, they came with 1.2.1, supposedly still very buggy, but now available for OS X and Linux as well!

What’s more, they have the game on a 25% sale to celebrate, so if you don’t own it yet and can spare the money, get it. Trust me, your wallet may regret it, but you definitely won’t. I’ve sunk way too many hours of playtime into it already, and now with the OS X release and new playable characters that will definitely rise… over the weekend.

For now, I’ll sit sulking in a corner of my room as typing this blog post and a bit of brain-dead browsing is really all I can manage when it comes to computers in my free time these days. I want to do the things I love, but I don’t want to end up with RSI, so taking it very slowly is my only option sadly.

Maybe I can hook up a controller and still play Risk of Rain though.
~ Fang

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