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Yeah, I guess, but you can also take it too far.

Excuse the rather obvious lack of real content. I’ve been using up all my free time composing a schedule for things I have already done. It’s about as silly as it sounds. The deadline for the school-mandated internship planning is sometime around now, even though I’m already one third done with it all. And me, being the sloppy student I am, only read about that planning document recently! So now I’m filling in everything with estimated dates and times of the actions I have taken, rather than the ones I will take.

Thing is, this first internship project is getting kinda close to done. The bulk of the work is finished, the application in its current states still needs some tweaking, and then I can add support for different setups to it. I’d say I’m over 50% done, but still under 75%.

What’s odd though, is that school requires me to do all this tedious book-keeping and detailed planning, but the company I work at is like “eh, it isn’t an official project, so take it easy”. I don’t have any deadlines and all I have for a plan is the general order in which things need to be done, where I’m already in the second-to-last phase. It makes for a great, natural workflow (since the list of tasks to do for the current phase keeps on growing anyway) where I can just keep on trucking without having to worry too much about keeping track of things (while still needing to be able to prove I got things done, of course).
But then school happened.

It sucks, and it’s definitely something I’m going to point out to my supervising teacher.
~ Fang

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