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Before you answer, no, shh. Do people actually still use email?

I’m just curious. Ranted about it enough before, but now I’m just wondering if people still actively use email. Yeah yeah, we all fill our addresses in when we need to register someplace that wants to send us emails, or maybe you’d like a weekly digest delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning. But do y’all do anything with it besides that? Let’s keep it a bit trickier here and assume you’re not doing any professional biz, ’cause this is your personal address we’re talking about, not your address.

If I had to guess I’d say most people do still check their inboxes when they have new mail, but those messages are rarely paid attention to. After all it’s mostly just generic newsletters, registration emails and spam, right? Most communication has moved onto social media and other “shorter” tools, to name ’em that way. I can go on and on about that, but let’s spare y’all the discomfort.

Do you still regularly use your email? Do you still send things to people, contact them, whatever? Or has all that been delegated to other media and is your inbox starting to look more and more like your mailbox, full of junk you flip through but never really pay attention to? I can’t exactly ask for hard statistics, so anecdotes will do fine. Seriously, let me know!

Maybe I’m exaggerating all this a bit. Who knows, we’ll see.
~ Fang


  • Joey
    28/10/2014 (12:11 PM)

    Yes, for me Email is still a primary way of communicating, and this is mainly because of business.

    Also, social media and ‘chat clients’ are not user agnostic, while Email is still a expected necessity (for using all those services and such).
    Personally, in my circles almost no one has Facebook, twitter is used as a RSS feed for media and information and Whatssapp is just to talk gibberish, real communication and actual in depth things are moved to email.
    Email provides with a log, a paper trail, something you can host yourself if you want to (so you are not depending on a 3rd party). Social media are trends and not something for the long run, chat clients are something not everyone has (whatssapp vs hangouts vs skype vs irc etc) and not everyone is always online (so if you really want something you send a sms text message). And for this I think email will be a primary way of communication quite a while.

    • 28/10/2014 (7:58 PM)

      This is the kind of response I love getting when I talk about email. Thanks!

  • 28/10/2014 (12:15 AM)

    I still use my email. My friend had to cancel her Facebook account so we had to move over there. Outside of that I’ve not really used it for communication except for when we were running The Experiment and to communicate with people when social media wasn’t an option.

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