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One hundred pushups!

Nope, not your “mobile device” tablet. I have a largely irrational hate for those things. Disgusting.

You probably know ’em as “drawing tablets”, or really any kind of name you give to a thing that allows you to draw on the computer. Mice don’t count here, unless you think the awful lines they produce can pass for drawing. In a sense, sure, but let’s keep it simple here.
I own one, nabbed myself a decent Wacom one for dirt cheap off the internet more than a year ago now. I’ve done some sketching with it, still do occasionally (though not as often as I’d like), but it hasn’t seen an awful lot of use. That’s starting to pick up though, as I’m now semi-regularly using it as a replacement for my mouse.I=

Why? Have to watch out for that RSI. Admittedly, it can be somewhat convenient, since moving the cursor across the screen is quicker and, with some practice, slightly more precise. The cons tend to outweigh those benefits though, especially for someone like me who does a lot of typing and is no stranger to keyboard shortcuts. Typing with the pen in hand is fucking terrible, only allowing my left hand to use its middle finger. I hail from the single-finger wastelands, so it’s nothing new to me, but still slows me down noticeably. And putting it down every time I need to type takes about the same amount of time.

It doesn’t even feel like it’s helping me too much, but that may also be due to positioning. Either it’s directly in front of me, a tad to too close and requiring awkward elbow positioning if I need to type, or to my left, where I don’t have enough space available to position it ideally. A stand for my laptop would go a long way in fixing this, but then I’d also need a keyboard and those are all investments I’d put behind a better desk, chair and mouse.

A colleague warned me to be very careful with my body and the strain I put on it though, so I guess I better get working on some of those investments. Recommendations?
~ Fang


  • 24/10/2014 (3:39 AM)

    I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head. I do remember when you bought that tablet though. Just do whatever works out best for you. If there’s some better way to utilize the graphics tablet then work on it. If not, then it’s back to basics for ya.

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