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This is incredibly silly!

I’ll save the depressing post with the same title for some other day.

As you all know, I study Computer Science. I have no idea what that’s even worth though, because it amazes me how much fundamental knowledge I wasn’t taught. Of course, we can’t possibly cover everything in the short two and a half years we have, but at least we could’ve glossed over the broader picture? Up until this weekend I knew fuck-all about compiling your own projects “by hand”. We’ve gotten everything spoon-fed to us by the IDE our school recommended. And that’s cool for beginners, but having at least the abstract info on the more advanced things would definitely have helped me.

Maybe I’m just a bit bitter I didn’t learn as much cool new stuff at my study as I had hoped. But then, what did I expect? They have to assume entry-level for every single students. One-on-one teaching is hella expensive and raising the bar for the entire class will leave a large percentage of students struggling and failing. I’m learning so so much at my internship, and my spare time occasionally ends up with me learning new things as well.

As cool as that is, I’m still struggling in certain areas. I know my way around the command line, for example, but had zero knowledge of how Make worked until yesterday. And I still have trouble with packages sometimes, even though Macports makes most every task a lot easier. “I got the thing downloaded and installed, but nothing has changed? Why?” It feels fucking pathetic to spend two hours trying to get newer version of the compiler to work, when the old one would’ve been fine if I had just realized I could tell it to use newer behavior.

Well, at least my study provided me with free time and, currently, an internship, so that’s neat.
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  • 13/10/2014 (7:29 PM)

    I know that feel, bro. College taught me next to nothing about IT in the real world, and at my first job, I found myself speed-reading and learning things like mad – stuff like I really felt I should have been taught in class. After that initial hump, all was good. You’ll get there. Just continue to learn and enjoy the ride.

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