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Amazing! But also still surprisingly lackluster.

Y’all know the hows and wha-bows on buying music digitally. You fancy folks with your Bandcamp and “What” CDs and everything. But apparently not all artists are in on the latest and greatest yet? I still see surprisingly many artists distribute on the less exciting platforms like iTunes and Amazon, which is a huge shame because they offer very limited options and freedom for their customers. And for some reason, I see this happening more to artists that affiliate with larger companies, like when a soundtrack is released, for example.

I just think that’s the lamest thing, you know? There’s probably some teeny tiny letters stopping them from doing so, but otherwise there’s no real obstacles in publishing to other platforms. Oh and hey, say I’m a rich dude and really like the artist that worked on something. Can’t really pay a hundred bucks for an album if the option isn’t there, eh? (Granted, this isn’t super common, but it can happen.)
My biggest issue with this is, of course, the audio format availability. More often than not you’ll just get some sub-par version of mp3 shoved down your throat and you’ll have to accept that’s the best you can get.

And that’s stupid. If I wanted to be restricted to lesser quality I would’ve just stuck to YouTube rips (which are sometimes even better, go figure).
~ Fang

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