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Tonight we… do a thing.

In case you haven’t been picking up all the not-so-subtle hints all over everywhere the past couple weeks, Halloween’s drawing close. And you know what that means! Spooky business. Of course everyone and their grandma’s getting in on this, because hey, it’s yet another opportunity for businesses to make some extra cash. Hype, right?

We’re going to this “Fright Nights” event at Walibi Holland. The park’s open all day, but closing time is moved to 11 PM, and starting at 6 PM you’ll get your kooky-spooks on.
Last time I ever participated in anything “2spoopy” was, what, six years ago now? Back in the days when I was still a fragile little wimp. Yes, easily scared Fang was a thing back then, believe it or not. Hah, how stupid I was.

No, today will be hilarious. Watching other people fleeing in terror when some dude in a clown costume walks up to them to hand ’em a balloon. Don’t get me wrong, clowns are disturbing as fuck, but the comedic scene it’ll find itself in makes up for that.
Today’s going to be great, just goofing off with friends again, going on crazy roller coaster rides and amping each other’s fear-vibes. I’m going to have a blast!

…Who am I kidding I shit my pants at the mere idea of entering a haunted house. Better bring an extra set of diapers.
~ Fang

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