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I was going to put off writing a post like this until after I was done, but screw that, I already have plenty to say.

This internship is one of the coolest things I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing, and I’ve seen and done a lot of amazing stuff already, so that’s saying something. I’m not going to make this a five-page essay, otherwise I’ll be left without content when it’s time for the inevitable “internship is over, here’s my thoughts” post. Instead, I’m just going to quickly cover the things I’ve encountered so far that make internships the best part of any education.

It’s still hard for me to stop freaking out over how real everything is! I’m working full-time for a real company, on a real project that will really help some of my real colleagues out with their real issues. They give me real advice for a real context, and that’s teaching me more than any teacher ever could! It’s really cool to see what things are like inside a big company, what the teams are working on and, more importantly, how they go about their business. How they organize themselves, their tasks, what they pay attention to, and so on.

Not all good things are strictly work-related though! Chances are your colleagues have years of experience, and they can provide you with useful insights into your current situation. It’s not like we sit down during break time to discuss the “life advice of the week”, but as you converse their perspective is definitely shining through, and I think a lot can be learned from that, too.

Learnings new things, gaining new experiences. Education’s never been this fun!
~ Fang


  • 06/10/2014 (6:09 PM)

    I never had an internship. This makes me kinda wish I had experienced one. Learning something valuable and having fun at the same time – that does not happen often enough!

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