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Not in any strict sense, but it’s definitely how it’s felt for a long time.

At least from my perspective it seems like the internet is more of a youth thing. It started out being that way with the divide between generations in terms of their ability to adept to new technologies. Nowadays there’s more and more “old folks” getting up to speed on all the smartpads and eye-phones, and some even use it like you and I do; social media, blogging, forums, what have you. But it doesn’t feel like they have very large a presence on the internet, does it?

I wonder if the internet is a medium that will always be that way. If we want to even do an attempt at answering that, we’ll have to ask, are you more likely to lag behind changes like technological advancements and social phenomenons as you get older? Is not being up to speed on the latest, hippest thing, and not really wanting to do so, a thing that comes with age? I think it does, at least for the generations that have been turning 70, 80 lately.

Who knows, maybe that’s different for our generation? If it isn’t though, then yes, chances are the largest user-base and demographic of the internet will always be the young folks, ages 4 through 40 I’d guess. Then again, the internet is only so few years old now and still really fluid, dynamic, adaptive. Maybe as more of today’s users grow old, it’ll evolve to make room for the loyal few that stayed, making it easier for others to stick around as well.

Not that I know what I’m talking about, it’s all just speculation and romanticizing of what I take the internet for.
~ Fang


  • 04/10/2014 (1:51 AM)

    The internet is for porn. Porn. I get your point but I know people older than me who have a better online presence than me, and younger people who have barely touched it and know nothing. I didn’t even have the internet myself until I was 17.

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