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If you haven’t yet, check out yesterday’s post on the “similar to” recommendations some services offer! Kinda proud of it!

I wrote that entire essay is less than half an hour, and it turned out pretty well if I say so myself. Especially considering the time put into it, the effort/result ratio is really good. As I joked on Twitter, something good has finally come of those 1.3k+ shitposts I’ve written so far, I’m finally able to write a decent piece in one go and little time!

The weekend has begun though, and I feel pretty good about things. I don’t think I’ll be writing anything for C&PS (but you never know!), but there’s plenty of other things I’m excited to start working on. Well, plenty. I mainly want to focus on learning my way around SDL, Simple DirectMedia Layer, a library that makes interacting with the screen, its graphics, the keyboard and mouse, sound, etc., much easier. I eventually intend to use it for game development. Current plan is to make a small bullet hell game with it once I’ve got the basics down, and then move onto greater projects.

Unrelated, but still good to note, I feel like I’m in the prime of my youth. I’m experiencing all kinds of cool new things and learning a lot (internship), exercise regularly and feel physically fit and have a bunch of productive hobbies I can fill my time with, if I’m not engaging in my social life. On the one hand, it’s a damn great time to be alive. On the other, if this is my prime, is it really all downhill from here?

They say you really peak in your thirties though, so I still got ten-something years.
~ Fang

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