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21/01/2011 never forget

And all due to poor planning and even worse execution.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing internship-related. Well, it sort of it, but it’s got nothing to do with the things I have to do for the company. No, it’s the dreaded documentation that school wants me to write I talked about yesterday. Made some very good progress today, especially since I also spent some time writing on it at work. Even though I’m technically allowed to do so, I still feel a bit bad for doing schoolwork at my job.

Today we went back to the machines to test my application again. (Recap, it randomly crashed last time I tested.) I spent most of yesterday’s work hours tracking down an issue that emerged after fixing another issue. It was a rather silly thing, but even sillier is how it hadn’t completely killed my application before (aside from the random crashing during testing). Yes, it was that bad a thing. Think “undefined behavior” levels of bad. What, no idea what that means? It’s a software thing that means anything could happen. And sometimes anything is the thing you expect it to do, but sometimes it isn’t. See how I spent an entire day tracking it down?

Back to today’s testing though. With the issues fixed, it ran great! It took all the messages, processed them, and gave a nice overview of the data they contained, which is exactly what the core functionality of the thing is. I’ve got a little demo planned with a couple colleagues tomorrow. Can’t wait to have their feedback crush my spirit!

No, seriously, can’t wait to see what they think of it so far.
~ Fang


  • Joey
    15/10/2014 (2:55 PM)

    It seems like you are longing for some gamedev time ;)

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