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This was intended to be another “everything on TV is fake and it’s stupid”, but I’ll only make it half about that.

The other half, as indicated by the title of this post, is me wondering how the hell they film everything. This is easily answered for talkshows, competitions, reality shows, and anything revolving around humans, really. They script and stage it, so they can get the perfect shot from every angle, cut it so it seems more entertaining, and then sell it to the fattest couch potato viewing the screen.

But what about those wildlife documentaries? How the hell is that done? I recently saw one that started off with a mouse-like critter encountering a lizard. Most everything was filmed from a very low angle, making everything appear a lot bigger. And when the chase was on, the camera followed smoothly, capturing every turn the creature took in great detail. Not only am I wondering how they filmed it, but how could they have possibly filmed it without disturbing the whole scene? Surely there must be some trickery at work here?

I suspect them of getting a couple cool shots, and then cutting them together for a cool story. Thinking back, I don’t recall seeing the mouse and the lizard in the same shot, so that’s mighty suspicious. What cruel world it is, one in which we cannot even trust documentary films to present us with true and honest footage?

Entertainment quality is dropping, and people keep lapping it up. At least it seems to be that way on the non-interactive media.
~ Fang

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