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While my mother spoke to her father about mature topics like finances, politics and my dad, Charlie and I got down to business with a photo book, as we had planned. Charlie selected one from the at random. I let it fall to the floor, shaking the house, and opened it up somewhere near the middle. ‘It wouldn’t hurt to view ’em chronologically.‘ Charlie suggested. I didn’t care much for order and efficiency, but complied anyway.

While we were steadily progressing through the photos —we found some funny ones, but nothing of particular interest— my mother suddenly lowered the volume of her voice. Naturally, it piqued our interests. We pretended to continue our fiddling around, but kept our focus on their conversation.
‘No, it hasn’t changed much.’ my mother shook her head. ‘He can still spend entire days in his room talking with that Charles figure about cases and suspects and “crime-fighting bravado”. I don’t even know what he’s going on about half the time. I don’t even know what to do anymore.’
She was talking smack about Charlie and I again. I wanted to get up and confront her, prove her wrong about all the things she had been saying about us. But I couldn’t. I didn’t have anything to spearhead my argumentation with, but I could always make things up on the go. No, Charlie was holding me back. ‘Listen.‘ He whispered. ‘This is important.

‘Look,’ grandpa started after scraping his throat. ‘Look. I can see you’re blamin’ yourself for this. If anything, it’s…’ He paused, looked away from his daughter. ‘Yeah. Ma passed the baton early, an’ you turned out fine.’ You could tell he was struggling to put his thoughts into words. Conveyance was not his finest art. ‘You need to keep in mind, kid’s still growin’. Still learning from everythin’. ‘Tis a big world, and this may be his way of copin’.’ He faked a cough so he could take a moment to re-organize his thoughts. ‘I’m sure that whoever, whatever this Charles is to him, it’ll help him become as good an adult as his ma. Super good.’

Well I sure hope I captured everything I felt needed to be said in there!
~ Fang


  • 06/10/2014 (6:00 PM)

    Wow, that got kinda deep. I like that. Kind of an interesting line we get to see drawn between a harmless imaginary friend and a hereditary mental illness.

  • 03/10/2014 (1:02 AM)

    Aww the old guy is pretty sweet. Like most old guys actually are. There’s an interesting development with his mum knowing he’s schizophrenic too.

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