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The fuck is that?

The original blog post was too spooky, so I replaced it with something more light-hearted.

We’ve been seeing it more and more the past few years. Companies, studios, artists, bringing us the latest news on their soon-to-be freshest hits before they’re even completed. And not just a “hey, it’s coming”, but frequently you’ll see a full-blown “behind the scenes” or “here’s why we’re doing this”. It’s great that they’re doing it, and also super important for both themselves, their fans, and people with an interest in their field of work.

Sure, from a marketing perspective it’s a decent move. It reminds people a creator still exists despite their period of silence and gets everyone hyped up over the next new thing. It strengthens what connection may have already been there, or lays the foundations for one if needed.

But it doesn’t have to be a promotional move. Sometimes it’s just cool to include your fans in the process, even if it’s just by informing them of what you’re up to. Game developers, for example, may explain a problem they recently solved, or why they implemented a seemingly odd mechanic. This gives them the opportunity to show people they know what they’re doing, the game’s going to be great, and maybe even do a little bit of teaching in the process.

And of course there’s asking for feedback, though that falls slightly outside of this post’s scope. And I’ve written about it before (and probably will again someday)!
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  • 03/11/2014 (12:56 PM)

    Doing this kind of thing is a good move, but it can also backfire a little. Take the game Dragon Age Inquisition for example; the new versions of that game that are being let out now are being lambasted and mocked and are filled with problems. The main problem? That game is supposed to come out in about three weeks.

    Way to go Bioware.

    • 03/11/2014 (6:46 PM)

      Sounds like it leaked. No way they’d let an unfinished product out the door. Poor folks.

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