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The original blog post was too spooky, so I replaced it with something more light-hearted.

We’ve been seeing it more and more the past few years. Companies, studios, artists, bringing us the latest news on their soon-to-be freshest hits before they’re even completed. And not just a “hey, it’s coming”, but frequently you’ll see a full-blown “behind the scenes” or “here’s why we’re doing this”. It’s great that they’re doing it, and also super important for both themselves, their fans, and people with an interest in their field of work.

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With the whole full-time job thing going on, I’m starting to want to cram as much semi-productivity into my few free hours as possible.

Now I won’t be going all-out “let’s make some things” here (though the ideas are definitely piling up and boy are they fun) since I’m way too spent for that and my hands and wrists wouldn’t appreciate it anyway. Rather, I’m shooting for more passive productivity. That’s not the right word though. I’m looking for something along the lines of “not completely useless”. Anyway, that’s besides the point. As you may have guessed from the title, I’ve started listening to audiobooks.

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Amazing! But also still surprisingly lackluster.

Y’all know the hows and wha-bows on buying music digitally. You fancy folks with your Bandcamp and “What” CDs and everything. But apparently not all artists are in on the latest and greatest yet? I still see surprisingly many artists distribute on the less exciting platforms like iTunes and Amazon, which is a huge shame because they offer very limited options and freedom for their customers. And for some reason, I see this happening more to artists that affiliate with larger companies, like when a soundtrack is released, for example.

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Short little post to give y’all a heads up.

A while back (over a year ago, snap!) I talked about Risk of Rain, and absolutely fantastic rogue-like platformer with whatever other genres you want to tack on strewn in. A week or so ago, they released version 1.2.0, which is apparently super buggy. Today, they came with 1.2.1, supposedly still very buggy, but now available for OS X and Linux as well!

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Before you answer, no, shh. Do people actually still use email?

I’m just curious. Ranted about it enough before, but now I’m just wondering if people still actively use email. Yeah yeah, we all fill our addresses in when we need to register someplace that wants to send us emails, or maybe you’d like a weekly digest delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning. But do y’all do anything with it besides that? Let’s keep it a bit trickier here and assume you’re not doing any professional biz, ’cause this is your personal address we’re talking about, not your address.

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