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And work can be fun? Who’d have thought!

I started working on the programming behind the test application for my internship yesterday, and continued on that today. Just a small, modular piece of the bigger picture, but it’s a good starting point and making it demo-able has already forced me to use new concepts. From a learning standpoint, great! From an intern’s standpoint, fucking awesome! I’m actually getting to do the fun work now, the stuff I signed up for. (Doesn’t make the problem solving and designing any less cool though.)

So the day already started off good. Early afternoon we had a meeting with the entire Product Development department (25, 30 people?) about current and future projects, the recent surge in new employees, and the direction we’ll be heading in in 2015. Not very applicable to me as an intern, but still cool to experience!

I also finished my codes and asked a colleague for a code review. You may have heard of the term, “code review”. It’s generally done to check/maintain the quality of the code and be able to teach/learn about things, as well as make sure things are written according to the guidelines. (Don’t want all your employees using different naming conventions, that’d get real messy.)
Anyway, the review went really well! It was my first ever, but I just went along with what I thought was expected, demoing the functionality I implemented and then showing the underlying code. He had a couple of small points I had to revise, but otherwise everything was in order.
And when I checked back for a mini-review regarding my changes in response to his feedback, we figured that the alternative solution he suggested wasn’t as good as my original anyway. No effort wasted though, because we gained knowledge!

To top all that off, I received my first paycheck today. It’s an intern’s salary so I’m not making octuple digits yet, but there’s a small sum added to compensate for my traveling time, which is really sweet! I’ve got the OnePlus One’s cost covered in a month’s time, that’s pretty cool.

Can’t imagine what it’s like to earn a fulltime salary though. Then again, you’ll be paying tons of bills then too, so you’ll likely only have a tad more left than the average live-at-home student.
~ Fang


  • 26/09/2014 (2:04 AM)

    That does sound like a pretty damn good day Fang. Mine ended up being more mixed than I originally thought. I’m kind of surprised you get a salary. When I see “intern” I think “unpaid intern” so yay you get a salary.

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