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Way, way back in the day, before you were even born. Those times had much simpler entertainment.

You probably don’t remember, but your parents or grandparents might. Pushing a wheel around with a stick used to be a great form of entertainment, more than enough to keep kids busy back in the day! Change it up, go play in the woods or run through town for a bit, whatever. All very simple things, but it was entertaining and engaging enough for everyone back then.
Not to add to the whole negative view of the youth, but show a kid those old methods of play and they’ll most likely instantly dismiss them as boring. It’s simply not entertaining enough.

Though it’s not necessarily a problem, it’s definitely concerning. What’s going on here in the infinite spiral where entertaining becomes more and more, well, entertaining, in order to stand out, catch people’s attention, and beat the competition. People then get used to the raised level of excitement, thrill and rapid succession of whatever it is they get from their entertainment and will view things they previously found super amazing as plain and uninteresting, or at least not as good as their beefed-up version two’s.

And that keeps on building upwards, because producers want to deliver more and more in order to stay ahead of the race. Games, for example, will become packed with rewards that pop up in increasingly quick succession. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but a nice “COMBO” on screen when you perform an action definitely keeps the “feel good” rhythm going, it keeps your dopamine levels up.

Pretty weird though, since any decent designer of anything will talk about balance. In this particular case, how thrills have more impact when accompanied by a lul in action before it. It makes the thrill stand out more, like that one little dent in an otherwise perfectly smooth surface.

I wonder what our entertainment will be like in fifty years.
~ Fang

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