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I’ve made numerous mentions of my views on smartphones and the way they’re used in the past, and I think now’s a good moment to revisit that topic.

Though honestly, there’s not an awful lot that has changed there? I own a smartphone now, which is cool and all (though it’s definitely taking some getting used to), so I get to see the story from an “inside perspective”. I now get to experience all the things I used to ramble on about being kind of meh, the shitty social pressure and privacy concerns. Most people didn’t really get it, but I didn’t really get most people either. That’s one thing I can say is different now though.

No, people still don’t get me, but I can at least say I can see how it can be nice to have a smartphone on you. Most public transport these days comes equipped with a WiFi hotspot, so there’s generally no need for an expensive data plan if you travel that way often. I wrote the blog post about screen protectors on my phone because I didn’t have the time for it otherwise. Sure, I could’ve whipped out my laptop as I’ve done often recently, but a smaller device is slightly more convenient.

I’m still not a huge fan of the whole “always available” thing people put into their ridiculous “get What’sApp” peer pressure campaign though. But hey, not that folks know I’ve got a smartphone, there really was no way around it right? Luckily their privacy policy is surprisingly decent, and they’ve vowed to not let the Facebook buyout screw with that, so I’ll put my faith there.

Who still gives a shit about privacy though? Except me, of course.
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  • 22/09/2014 (4:39 PM)

    I sadly don’t have a smartphone yet, just a dozen other things that equate to one and one fancy computer I use for 99% of all my communication and just about everything else you would find on such a phone

    as to privacy, I tend to go to great lengths to keep my privacy where I can, though only for things I don’t want people to ever know about, the rest is like “if you really want to know I don’t mind sharing”

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