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Screen protectors are great, save for the first five minutes.

No matter how strong and scratch-proof a device may be advertised as, most of us will still want to slap a screen protector onto it. That way we can really say we’ve done everything in our power to keep the screen from getting mauled by dirt, keys, what have you. But getting to that point isn’t always easy.

Among the challenges you will face are bad positioning, air bubbles, dust particles and general dirt and smudges. You don’t want that stuff to end up under the protector, it’ll stay there forever! So first, make sure you work in a conoletely sterile environment.

Positioning is also key, even the slightest deviantion from perfect alignment will stick out like a sore thumb and bother you for the entirity of the protector’s lifespan. How do you do this though? Look up the “hinge method” on YouTube, it’s brilliant. You out it in place, protective foil still on, then tap one side to your device and flip it “open” like you would the cover of a book. Remove the foil, flip it back and roll it onto the screen. You roll instead of just slapping it on to reduce air bubble risk, of course.

All that’s left to do is keep yourself from checking its alignment with a microscope like the obsessive idiot you are, and you’re good to go!

By the by, you’ll never guess what I head the pleasure of putting a 0.24mm glass screen protector on.
~ Fang


  • 20/09/2014 (3:42 AM)

    You’re right, I can’t guess what you had the pleasure of putting a screen protector on. I only have one device that really needs one. The screen’s already pretty scratched up and I don’t really use it enough to justify buying a protector. Maybe with the next thing I buy.

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