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The fuck is this?

A friend and I have this little inside joke which I like calling “Schrödinger’s everything”.

First, for those not familiar with Schrödinger and the experiment he thought up, here’s the quick and dirty. Schrödinger’s Cat is a thought experiment, famous in the field of quantum mechanics, that involves a cat, trapped in a box, along with a vial of poison that may or may not break and kill the cat. Every hour there’s a 50/50 chance of the poison being released and finishing off our poor feline, but until we’ve seen what state the cat is in, it is both alive and dead.
Pick those jaws up off the floor. It’s quantum mechanics, what did you expect?

Leaving all the technical details out of it, my friend and I have found this can be applied to mostly everything you’re uncertain about. Hell, for all you know you may have a fortune in pennies hidden in the nooks and crannies of your couches. That’s Schrödinger’s money, with which you’re Schrödinger’s millionaire. If you drop your phone and dare not look, it’ll be Schrödinger’s phone until you decide to check if it’s broken or not. And of course we’re all familiar with Schrödinger’s crap, for those times where it felt like something came out, but it didn’t feel quite right. You may have tricked yourself into believing you took a dump, but is it actually there?

Now that’s all quite silly and by no means do honor to the original thought experiment, but I felt it was worth sharing. On a more serious note, this stuff is super interesting (but also really confusing sometimes) so do check it out if this is up your alley! Wikipedia may be a bit too technical, but there’s plenty of introductory videos on YouTubes and articles on some websites. Go take a look!

Will I make a post tomorrow? It’ll remain Schrödinger’s post for now!
~ Fang

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