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It’s the year 2014, WiFi hotspots are popping up everywhere for the public’s convenience. It’s absolutely amazing, and I can only hope this trend continues until we have the entire planet covered. It allows people who can’t afford an internet subscription to invest in a $50 second-hand laptop, take it to a hotspot, and still get the convenience of the web. And I don’t mean looking up pictures of cool dogs. I’m talking banking, insurance, job hunting. Sure it can be done without an internet connection, but you’ll have a much harder time and there’ll be a lot more waiting involved.

I’m flying way past my point though. Or am I? Have you ever tried transferring money using a slow internet connection? Yeah, it definitely sucks. Hell, just browsing the internet in general sucks when your connection’s worse than that of a string phone! It’s a common issue too, since hotspots tend to be really fragile. To keep things affordable, they have piss-poor bandwidth. And that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, unless of course, you’re one of those people.

You know the lot. The people who watch a YouTube video, stream a bunch of music, or even download a giant application over a hotspot’s connection without as much as a second thought. If you recognize yourself in that, pay close attention. Have some common decency! If you load up a YouTube video then it clogs up the bandwidth you’re sharing with all other people in the area. This is why your video loads slowly or in low quality, but also why they may not even be able to load! (Some hotspots may employ smart bandwidth sharing, but it’s still very uncommon.)

So next time you use a public WiFi network, think of what it and the internet were made for: sharing.
~ Fang

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