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28 09 14


Outlining outlining outlining. Outlining!

Outlining. It’s quick, easy, convenient and important. Want to start work on anything? Really, anything at all? Line that shit out! Summarize it, jot down the bigger picture, break it up into smaller parts, describe the actions you’ll be taking. Don’t just start messing around with whatever comes to mind, set up that game plan! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, as long as it gets the job done.

It’s important you do that, and it’s easy to see why. A good foundation is half the work. If you make it clear to yourself what needs to be done, what something may eventually contain, then it’ll be way easier to build all that up. Like how you can’t just start building a house without the blueprints. It may turn out alright, but it’ll lack internal structure.

I see this everywhere. In programming, writing, most creative work actually. People will be telling newcomers, “start small and break it up into simple chunks”. They won’t listen and dive right in because they’re too excited to take half an hour to outline everything properly. Granted, I’m still pretty guilty of this myself when it comes to writing, especially blog posts. And hey, it shows.

So remember, if you ever face a task, any task, that isn’t as easy as clapping your hands, outline everything about it before proceeding. It’ll really help the process.
~ Fang

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