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16 09 14

Keeping secrets

I really wish I didn’t have to.

But sometimes you just need to keep something hidden from someone, you know? Hell, I’m hiding something pretty big from a huge amount of people right now, and they’d actually care to know!
All in due time though. Things will reveal themselves when the pieces align in just the right way. Believe me, I’d much rather blurt it all out right now for the whole world to hear and share my excitement with you all. But I can’t, and it’s hard.

Masterful jokes, devious plans, grand schemes, they’re often executed in secrecy until the very last moment. As evil as it sounds, being able to keep secrets is a really great tool. Hell, it makes for some great day-to-day utility if you can just spin up a crazy story instead of telling someone how your pet died last night. Better for both of you, usually. (Don’t be afraid to talk about things though, seriously.)

So I promise you this, and you bet I will keep it, the wait will be worth. Maybe not for you specifically, but for a lot of others, and most definitely me. Aiming for September 20th, let’s see if we can hit the mark.

This cryptic message was brought to you by Project Two, now halfway through.
~ Fang

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