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Internship status update post, let’s do this!

Nearing the end of my second week of internship, things are coming along nicely. Most of my week has been filled with learning C++, working on the interface design for the testing application, starting on the software architecture design of that very same application, and more learning C++. That’s right, I’m kicking a lot of knowledge into my head. Pointers, memory management, oh my! C++ is such an incredibly powerful language, just thinking of all the cool things I can pull with it makes me feel all warm and giddy inside!

Back on track though (more on C++ later?), the designing of things for that application. Held the second meeting on those today with two colleagues, I’m trying to get a lot of iterative feedback going here (as they encourage me to do). The interface design wasn’t really that interesting, mostly what we agreed on last time put on paper, except for a few little things they’d still like to see changed. The architecture design though, oh man, I was having my doubts about that one.

They told me it would’ve been better if I had started with a higher level, more abstract design first, and worked my way down from there. It’s what I sort of tried, just laying out the groundwork, but it ended up being kind of the whole thing already. That aside, there were a lot of questions raised about my design (of which I luckily could answer quite a few), but in the end it came down to it being a strong step in the right direction.
“It’s good that you do that.” “This part is okay as is.”
Holy cow, I did a thing!

I hadn’t really expected that. As I mentioned, I had my doubts, and a lot of questions about it myself as well. Turns out it’s a decent foundation! Of course it still needs quite a bit of further development, but that’s what working iteratively is all about, right?

It feels good, knowing I can do a good enough job at things to earn a small amount of approval from folks who’ve been at this for years now.
~ Fang


  • 12/09/2014 (2:23 AM)

    I’m glad you’re learning things, and that your already pre-existing knowledge is doing you good. That’s the point of an internship. Keep at it.

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