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Here we go!

With the advent of the internet, it has become way easier for the Average Joe to share their very thought with the world. And there’ll almost always be someone listening. Even if only a handful of people hear what is said, it can still have an impact. Inspirational quotes used to be like this, but these days everyone seems to be spouting supposedly motivational bullshit that is apparently too deep for me. And that’s stupid.

I don’t know why, but I see it happening way often these days. Silly ramblings closed off by a “think about it”, an age-old saying you’ve seen fly by a thousand times already, slightly altered to seem fresh, or just a random fact about how insignificant you are compared to all the galaxies out there.

No idea why people keep posting them, it’s just so lame. The meaning of most of those things has been lost through the trivialization going on here. Besides, if something as simple as a couple of brave-seeming words can get you off your ass, inspired and motivated, then you may very well have some issues going on.

That’s just my cent and a half though.
~ Fang

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