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Bananas, in pajamas

As opposed to the part-time free time I’m used to.

I did some asking around about required work times today. There’s eight work hours in a day, and the mandatory break time (totaling at 45 minutes) isn’t included in that. This means that if I want to be home in time for dinner, I’ll generally have to get up at a quarter past six so I can be at work at eight, be back home by six, and then go to bed around ten so I can be well-rested the next day.

Now, it definitely isn’t the worst of scenarios, but I’ve had better. I think being used to a much more slack-filled schedule is what makes this a particularly hard pill for me to swallow. Four hours of free time a day? There’s not an awful lot of freedom you can give yourself within that time, and anything productive won’t make the cut, since hey, I just worked a full day, I’m too tired for that.

Someone recently wrote an article that they solved this problem by getting up an hour earlier every day, and working on their hobby project in that time. If you just get out of bed, your head isn’t full of work stuff yet and you’re fit, both physically and mentally. This does mean shaving another hour off your down-time after you get home though, unless you have no problem with less sleep (which you should, sleep’s important).

There’s also the forty minutes I spend in the bus on my way to and from the office. I have a laptop and the bus provides free WiFi (slow, but I’m not complaining!) so maybe that time could be utilized better than staring out the window? Well, I tried today, but the slightly bumpy ride the bus provides makes for really shitty reading, and the motion sickness kicks in rather quickly when attempting to read anyway.

Any other options? I have no idea. Maybe not be a wimp and make good use of my time in the evening?
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  • Joey
    03/09/2014 (1:53 PM)

    In my early days before I was a fulltime dev, I worked on projects after work hours and in weekends.
    There was no other option for me because I can’t function early in the morning (we work 11 to 7 at the office now, and take brakes whenever we need it, programming is hard!)

    I normally worked on ‘monkey jobs’ in my projects during train rides (copy paste code work, cleanup, setting up meta etc) so I could get in the more interesting things later in the evening.
    I personally work quite well in public spaces, but only when doing creative jobs (writing, modelling, concept work), but that depends on person to person if that fits you.

    Maybe you need to experiment a little what works best for you, no harm in trying different things!

    • 03/09/2014 (7:17 PM)

      Saving the simple things (monkey jobs) for public transport is a pretty smart move indeed, since the environment likely doesn’t lend itself to very focussed working anyway.
      Will keep it in mind, thanks!

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