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Though you might think this gets me all excited, it really doesn’t.

There’s been a recent trend of school adopting “coding” or “programming” as an optional or sometimes even mandatory subject. “In the world of tomorrow, being able to program is incredibly important!” Do they really think that? And do they really think it’ll result in anything useful, shoehorning it into course rosters like that? I don’t think it will, honestly. Because let’s face it, programming’s not everyone’s cup of tea, nor is it a true primary skill.

When schools say programming is an important skill, I usually just shake my head. How is programming an important skill? It’s a useful one, sure. With a decent foundation you won’t likely have trouble continuing by yourself. But it’s not important to know “the codes”. Yes, technology is still taking up larger and larger parts of our lives, but that doesn’t have anything to do with programming! It’s already there, abstracting away all the complicated 1’s and 0’s so you don’t have to worry about them and can just click a button to have a pizza arrive at your doorstep.

Besides, there’s already a huge amount of people flooding the computer sciences studies, because there’s no denying IT is one of the fastest growing industries around. And it’s great people are getting into it, but the rate at which they do worries me a little bit. Even though there’s definitely no shortage of jobs right now, will the industry be able to handle this huge way of new folks coming in, all wanting a job in a cool and well-paying sector?

Luckily being taught basic math doesn’t mean you’ll want to end up a mathematician, so young programmers won’t suddenly be super likely to set “codes ninja” as their career of choice either.

Here’s hoping there won’t be sixteen-year-olds taking over my job in a couple years.
~ Fang


  • 05/09/2014 (3:35 AM)

    You have many years left before you’re replaced by someone younger. Those “16 year old kids” aren’t that much younger than you. I’d have been interested in learning coding at school. I did some basic of the basic stuff and it was pretty cool. I think that should be enough, with an option to learn more if you’re interested. It gets very complicated pretty quickly. I think programming a random number generator was my limit.

    • 05/09/2014 (6:50 AM)

      Isn’t that just calling a function from the math library of your language? math.random() or whatever? ;D

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