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I must not give in to the distractions, for it is time to write! (previous)

Ronald had told us to work on the maths exercises for the current chapter. Multiplication of simple fractions, a bit rough but not impossible to solve. I looked up from time to time to see what the teacher was up to. He stared at the literature in front of him with dead eyes, frequently taking his phone out of his pocket to see if he had any new messages he hadn’t noticed the ringtone of. As much as he seemed to suffer, it struck me as suspicious.

Then Trisha got up and took her notebook to Ronald’s desk. What? She had never done that before. Why would she? These exercises weren’t hard, especially for someone of her intellect.
After she sat down next to the teacher, she noticed I was looking her way. In panic I moved my eyes to my desk, but not before catching her wink at me. What? I wasn’t sure if I had seen it correctly, being flustered knowing she caught me staring at her like that.
She already knows.‘ Charlie told me. I freaked out a little, almost let an “oh snap” slip. ‘The answer to her question, idiot. Calm down.‘ I did so by taking a few breaths. The class wasn’t super rowdy at the moment, so if I focussed on my hearing, I could make out the conversation Trisha and the teacher were having.

‘That’s what I thought.’ she smiled. ‘Just figured I should verify!’
‘Good. Keep it up.’ His sigh carried a feeling of relief, which disappeared as soon as Trisha asked another question.
‘Did you not sleep well last night? You seem a little tired.’
Ronald brushed a hand through his hair. ‘It’s… nothing. Just some trouble with the neighbors, it kept me up all night.’ A pause. ‘Nothing.’
‘Well,’ she started as she closed her notebook and got off the chair. ‘Thanks for the help!’ While she walked back to her place she looked my way. Despite my best effort to seem like I wasn’t watching, she met my eyes and gave a swift nod, expecting me to know what she meant from such a simple gesture. What?

And now I don’t have time for other things anymore. Goodnight, my thankless leeches! (next)
~ Fang


  • 09/09/2014 (3:36 AM)

    Ahh women, the masters of the single all encompassing gesture. I kinda forgot what happened in the last part. Left me a little out of the loop for this part.

    • 09/09/2014 (6:41 AM)

      That’s why I link to the previous part. ;D

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