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Let’s kick the weekend off with some average quality writing, shall we?

It was storming outside, but that wasn’t what kept me awake. Not the occasional bang from downstairs either. It was a gut feeling, the sense that something was off. Granted, the fact Charlie was pacing back and forth wasn’t helping either.
‘Do you feel uneasy too?’ I asked him.
He didn’t even look up, like he already knew I wasn’t actually sleeping. ‘Yeah.‘ he nodded. ‘Open those curtains for me.
I didn’t even question his request and pulled them apart slightly. The raining had ceased, but the trees were still being pushed around by the wind like an old man in his wheelchair by his hyperactive granddaughter. Occasionally, when the gale positioned them just right, small lights emerged from beyond their tips. They seemed to move in unison, probably hanging near the distant lake.
‘Should we tell mom?’ I suggested.
Charlie pushed me aside so he could take a good look himself. He stood in front of the window for a good minute before turning his attention to me again. ‘She told you not to come down when she had a friend over.‘ After throwing one last glance out the window, he added, ‘Not worth the effort anyway.
The lights had moved away, disappeared.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had seen the strange phenomenon on the horizon that night. It was a hot topic in class the next morning, nobody could shut up about it. Those who had actually seen it didn’t catch much larger a glimpse than I did though. Before long, the terms “UFO”, “space thing” and “aliens” were flying around the classroom.
‘Morning!’ Ronald shouted as he entered the classroom. It wasn’t his usual greeting tone. He sounded a bit stressed, or maybe just tired? The two were probably complementing each other. He sighed and sat down at his desk. ‘Let’s put you all to work.’

Wow I actually churned out some writing. And it’s something I can build an episode on, to boot! (next)
~ Fang


  • 06/09/2014 (7:16 PM)

    Ha, I like where this is going! Also, “the trees were still being pushed around by the wind like an old man in his wheelchair by his hyperactive granddaughter” is an awesomely vivid description. Well done, sir!

  • 06/09/2014 (1:41 AM)

    It’s good to see our favourite little detectives back at it again. Sounds like Ronald got probed.

    • 06/09/2014 (10:39 AM)

      I happened to watch Paul (2011) before writing this. “It’s probing time!”

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