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The fuck is that?

I wonder if this happens in other countries, too. Think so. Hope so.

Do you ever travel by bus? Have you ever paid attention to the bus driver? Can be a bit grumpy, a bit of a bad driver and always hugs the bumper of the vehicle in front of them as closely as possible. We all know that, it’s pretty much the universal constant of bus drivers. But do you notice how they interact with each other? How every single time they drive by each other on the streets, without fail, they give each other a little wave or similar hand motion. Ain’t that rad?

I think it is. It makes it feel like, even though they probably don’t see their colleagues as often as other professions, much less speak to them, they’re still better pals than most out there. I don’t see your average accounting manager greet their colleagues with much enthusiasm. Hell, even those teenager employed in supermarkets tend to not be very close with what you would think would be their like-minded companions in suffering.

It’s something I’ve always found interesting about bus drivers, and it looks like something unique to their field of work. Like they’re sharing everything, from the “decent day today” to the “shit I want to go home”, in one quick exchange. Driving a bus doesn’t seem like the most enjoyable job to do, especially for the crap you have to deal with, but those folks are sucking it up so we can get where we want in time. And that’s cool.

Bus drivers, taking one for the team since whenever they became a thing.
~ Fang

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