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I don’t like to call myself a blogger, it sounds kind of dumb, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

Ideas for blog posts (or other things) pop into my head all the time. I can get inspiration from the strangest things. It just happens, it’s how my brain work, I can’t help it. In the past most of those ideas would simply vanish though, since I didn’t have a quick and easy method to record them and I couldn’t possibly remember them until I had the opportunity to note them down. Hell, I sometimes forget cool ideas by the time I’ve rushed out of the shower, hastily dried and dashed to my room to write or doodle it down.

But with the technology that is hyper-portable computing, that waste is no more! I don’t have a proper note-taking application yet, but the bus offers WiFi (though it’s usually slow or sporadic) so I can simply open up my blog and make a draft whenever I want to (almost). And if I got a bunch of details to add, or want to write a simple outline (which happens once every two years). For someone who used to mourn the deaths of quick and fun ideas, this is amazingly convenient!

What that all boils down to, expect to see more variety in content! It won’t always be a three-page essay on my carefully formulated opinion on a subject I first spend four paragraphs explaining, but that isn’t how you want things looking here all the time. Short posts about something fun, or a thing that peaked my interest. I wonder if the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” principle also applies to writing entertainment.

~ Fang


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