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I just wrote the opening paragraph for the last episode of Charlie and Pip Sqeek. And it’s perfect. It embodies everything C&PS is (supposed to be) about, from the stylistic devices to the (in that episode extra thick layer of) serious undertones. The humor hides inside the clichéd phrases, almost wearing them like you would next year’s prom dress.
That went to shits rather quickly, but don’t worry, C&PS won’t! When I say “last episode”, I really do mean the last episode. Not saying it’ll get released –or be finished– anytime soon, and there’s still plenty of episodes that need to make their way into the story before our heroes have developed enough to even think about ending the story.

But I’m working on the last episode nonetheless. In bits and pieces, progress will be made and added. And I suspect that will be the case for everything the coming months. Internship, blah, work times, blah blah. You’ve heard it all before already, you know what’s up.

I can’t exactly sit down and work on a thing for extended periods of time on end anymore, so I’ll have to work in small iterations. Which sucks, because hammering out, for example, an entire “part” of fiction is kinda how I roll. Maybe this will help me transition into higher writing quality though, since I’m forced to review the work I’ve done before adding onto it, so maybe I’ll make changes before publishing? Who knows, we’ll see, and I really need to get my shit together and write some actual content instead of “dear diary” posts like this.

Also did I mention I wrote that more or less perfect opening paragraph in what can’t have been more than five minutes’ time?
~ Fang

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