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01 09 14

It has begun

The first day of the internship is behind me already, leaving only 99 more to come!

So, day one. It was as okay as first days get. Didn’t really do too much actual productive things yet, seeing as how I’m still unfamiliar with everything. I did get a full tour of the entire company grounds though, which included a close look at the machines they produce and the part I’ll have to write testing software for. I also set up my workplace (laptop and extra monitor, not bad) and started reading through all the documentation I need to understand anything about the system I’ll be working with. Oh and coding guidelines and other rules, too.

Pretty exciting stuff, and the people in my department seem nice. It’ll take some getting used to the environment and the full-time job feel of the whole thing, but I think I’ll settle soon enough. Don’t think I’ll find it easy having so little free time on workdays though. Is this what being an adult with a job is like?

That’s all for the report on my internship so far. Getting up early again tomorrow, and I definitely don’t want to fall asleep at work during my first week!
~ Fang


  • 02/09/2014 (3:51 AM)

    Gotta love those first few days; all the paperwork and orientation. You’ll get through it though. Keep it up!

  • 02/09/2014 (1:07 AM)

    This is indeed what being an adult feels like. Or so I assume. You’ll get used to it though and having less time means you’ll enjoy the free time you do have more.

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