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Not going to lie, there’s still a long way to go before these things will be as widespread as 2D ones.

Still, cheap, lower-quality ones are already making their way into people’s homes. Sure it’s mostly hobbyists, but guess how the internet started out? Not that it’s a fair comparison, but you get my point. Their prices and general hobbyist feel (most all come as parts, not pre-assembled) keep a lot of people at bay though, and then there’s an even bigger problem. A lot of people have no idea what they’d need a 3D printer for.

Today’s affordable 3D printers aren’t big enough to print you a chair yet, but material cost for that could very well be shitballs expensive, too. Or not, depending on what you use. It’d probably still take a long time to print. But I digress, what can a small printer really do for you? These things can print parts really well, I tell you what. Missing a screw (that doesn’t need to support five megatons of weight)? Just print it. Want a simple, stylish phone dock? Nab that sucker’s model off the internet and send it to the real world!

Too insignificant for you? Have some patience. As they become cheaper to manufacture, bigger ones will eventually become available. You’ll be printing that cute stool you downloaded, that DIY spaceship that’s all the rage, or that delicious eight-inch pizza.

Yes, pizza printing is already a thing. Organs, too, but that’s hardly ever a household functionality. (Cannibalists rejoice!)
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  • 23/09/2014 (4:57 AM)

    That’s one of the problems with science. They invent something super cool, but then all the really super cool things people want it for are still several years away. Plus the human aspect comes into play. 3D printers can end production and that would be seen as a pretty bad thing.

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